Showcase books or photos with a beautifully designed and creative flat lay!


Introducing 35 FLAT LAY Bookstagram Templates: I have simplified posting on Instagram, specifically if you are a bookseller, publisher, author, writer, book reviewer or Instagram book blogger/ bookstagrammer.

With a canvas size of 1080 x1080 px, these Canva Templates are Instagram-ready. You will receive 35 different mock-ups, each one unique. You don’t need any design skills or experience to use these templates. The template accepts your photo or picture by direct insertion. These aren’t just for Instagram, use them on any social media or within blogs, presentations, or articles.

Using the templates is easy. They are compatible with Canva’s free account.





Purchase the template, then receive a link. Click the link to download the file.

Open Canva and pull up the images. Add your own photograph, graphics, and book cover. Everything in the photo is static, meaning it all remains in the picture. All you need to add is your own photo/image/artwork. This makes it very easy to create Instagram posts within minutes!

You can only access this template through the web version of Canva and not the app. Note that you need a Canva account to use it, and registration is free. You need to have a Canva account to use it (registration) is free.

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