Get 35 Creative Flay Lay Bookstagram Templates


When you download this set of templates, you can skip the headache of designing Instagram posts!

All you need to do is open CANVA, upload the templates, then simply slip your book cover into the frame.

You will get 35 creative flat lays.






Tired of trying to come up with creative and eye-catching Instagram posts? Now you don’t have to. With this set of templates, posting is simple and easy. You can use your own photographs or book covers and have a well-done post completed in less than five minutes.  Each one is a standard Instagram size.


This is a set of 35 INSTAGRAM TEMPLATES. I designed them for authors, bookstagrammers, book reviewers, and book bloggers.


These flat lays eliminate the need to guess how and what to make for Instagram. These provide the convenience of simply placing a book cover into the frame to finish the post.


In less than five minutes, you will have a beautiful and creative post ready.