Page Turners That Will Keep You Up All Night

Welcome to my new site, dedicated to NOTHING BUT BOOKS! I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I enjoy writing about books.  Running this site will enable me to keep reviewing books and letting you know what’s coming up. Let’s start with page turners that will keep you up all night!

First up is The Date by Louis Jensen.

Here’s the premise:

One night can change everything.

‘I know it as soon as I wake up and open my eyes… Something is wrong.’

Her Saturday night started normally. Recently separated from her husband, Ali has been persuaded by her friends to go on a date with a new man. She is ready, she is nervous, she is excited. She is about to take a step into her new future. By Sunday morning, Ali’s life is unrecognizable. She wakes, and she knows that something is wrong. She is home, she is alone, she is hurt and she has no memory of what happened to her.

Worse still, when she looks in the mirror, Ali doesn’t recognize the face staring back at her. She can’t recognize her friends and family. And she can’t recognise the person who is trying to destroy her…

This is the kind of book I love to read. Described as “brilliant” and “addictive” its going to be the next book I read! As soon as I’m done with this book….




You know how sometimes a book captures your attention from page one? Such is the case with Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan! Every aspiring author should read the first chapter to see how to really hook a reader. I was completely into the store within minutes and I have been reading as much as I can to see what is going to happen. I love the tone of the book, the story, the characters.

When Emily lets a stranger step out in front of her, she never imagines that split second will change her life. But after Emily watches a car plough into the young mother – killing her instantly – she finds herself unable to move on.  And then she makes a decision she can never take back.

Because Rose had everything Emily had ever dreamed of. A beautiful, loving family, a great job and a stunning home. And now Rose’s husband misses his wife, and their son needs a mother. Why couldn’t Emily fill that space?  But as Emily is about to discover, no one’s life is perfect … and not everything is as it seems.


I am wondering what’s going to happen, who is Emily, really? Is she not who the reader thinks? And what’s up with Cian, Rose’s husband? I cannot wait to stay up late and finish this book tonight!




This week, I also read Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott. I was a little nervous when I first started this because it sounded very similar to a book I am writing but no worries, its vastly different! What was similar is the idea of an old friend coming back into someone’s life after a long time. In this case, smart, beautiful Diane Flemming walks back into the life of her old best friend, Kit Owens.

Kit Owens harbored only modest ambitions for herself when the mysterious Diane Fleming appeared in her high school chemistry class. But Diane’s academic brilliance lit a fire in Kit, and the two developed an unlikely friendship. Until Diane shared a secret that changed everything between them.

More than a decade later, Kit thinks she’s put Diane behind her forever and she’s begun to fulfill the scientific dreams Diane awakened in her. But the past comes roaring back when she discovers that Diane is her competition for a position both women covet, taking part in groundbreaking new research led by their idol. Soon enough, the two former friends find themselves locked in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to destroy them both.


This is a good book and I found the science part of it very interesting. I appreciate how the author gives a dark side to a brilliant woman and ties the plot together with a secret that can tear lives apart.



I see a pattern with books featuring awful husbands and boyfriends and the women who stand up and say, ENOUGH. I think this might be the case with The Perfect Husband by Buffy Andrews. Without knowing anything about this book, you can probably guess the perfect husband doesn’t exist! Or does he?

Here’s the premise:

He was the perfect husband. Until he wasn’t.  When Shelly’s marriage ends in divorce, she’s left completely devastated and feeling like she’s never going to find love again.

Until she meets Eric. Shelly can’t believe her luck. The first person she meets after (reluctantly) joining online dating, and he’s handsome, caring, everything she ever wanted and more. From romantic dates to expensive gifts, it’s as if she’s in a dream.

But just when Shelly thinks she’s finally found her happily ever after, she begins to realize that all is not as it seems. As the cracks start to develop, perhaps Eric isn’t the perfect man she thought he was. Will her dream become a nightmare?


Honestly, I think about this often. How do you know when you meet someone if they are who and what they say? It could all go bad very quickly. I’m eager to dig into this one!



When I saw the cover of this book, I knew I wanted to read it. This looks cold and creepy. Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp 

Corey and her best friend, Kyra, are inseparable. Corey is the only person who understands Kyra’s high-highs and low-lows. So when Corey’s family moves away from their Alaskan town, she makes Kyra promise to stay strong during the long, dark winters and wait for her return.  Except Kyra doesn’t.

Two days before Corey is to visit, Kyra is found floating underneath the ice.

While everyone in Lost Creek deems Kyra’s death a suicide, Corey knows something is wrong. With every hour, her suspicion grows. The town is keeping secrets—chilling secrets. But piecing together the truth about what happened to Kyra may prove as difficult as lighting the sky in an Alaskan winter…


This is set in Alaska which is one of my favorite places. It deals with the themes of mental illness and grief.