Hottest New Suspense Novels!


I love the suspense genre and am thrilled there are so many incredible, page-turning books out now, and also coming out soon.

I devoured Our Little Lies by Sue Watson. The main character is an unreliable narrator- or is she? She’s popping anxiety pills and forgetting things, or is her husband telling her what he wants her to believe? When she finds steamy emails between him and a beautiful colleague, is that her imagination playing tricks on her? She cares deeply about her children and will do anything to keep them safe and happy. But is she accidentally sabotaging everything she holds dear?

Here’s what you need to know:

Marianne has a life others dream of. A beautiful townhouse on the best street in the neighbourhood. Three bright children who are her pride and joy.

Sometimes her past still hurts: losing her mother early, growing up in foster care. But her husband, Simon, is always there. A successful surgeon, he’s the envy of every woman they’ve ever met. Flowers, gifts, trips to France: nothing is too good for his family.

Then Simon says another woman’s name. The way he lingers on it, Caroline, gives Marianne a shudder of suspicion, but she knows it’s nothing – she can’t entertain this flash of paranoia.

In the old days, she’d have distracted herself by excelling at work, but Marianne left her glamorous career when she married. She’d speak to a friend, but she’s too busy with her children and besides, Simon doesn’t approve of the few she has left.

It’s almost by accident that Marianne starts to learn more about Caroline. But once started, she can’t stop, because what she finds makes her wonder: is the question she should be asking not ‘should she be jealous’, but… ‘should she be scared?’

The author did a fantastic job of keeping the tension and planting seeds of doubt in the reader’s mind as the book progresses. I usually have things figured out but I loved the twists and turns this book took right up until the end!

Highly recommended! Get this one right now!



Currently reading The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald. I am always so happy when a book grabs my attention from the first page! I knew I’d like this book and nearly halfway through it, I am really captivated by the story of Olivia and her mother Abi.

The point of view switches from current day Abi, struggling to put the pieces together over how her daughter ended up in a coma, with bruises on her wrist and pregnant to Olivia, before this horrible accident.

The police are hesitant to get involved, why? And Abi told Olivia her father was dead, but is he?  Who would want to see Olivia dead? Who is the father of her baby? As Olivia is kept on life support for the baby, Abi is distressed over Olivia’s upcoming death which will happen as soon as the baby is born.

This book has woven together various plot points which keeps me engaged and interested in what is going to happen next.

I love it! And you will too.  Due on in February 2019!



What happened to Nora? One night, years ago, young Nora went missing with barely a clue. Her best friend Maddie was as perplexed as everyone else in their small town. And now, ten years later Nora’s sister Noelle goes missing in eerily similar circumstances.

Maddie is determined to figure out what happened to Nora as well as Noelle. I love an, old-fashioned “who done it” type of story and Forget Me Not by A.M. Taylor has all the elements of a good mystery: a town grieving for the sad deaths of two young girls, a woman in pain over losing her best friend, the setting of wintery Wisconsin, the brother of Nora and Noelle is standoffish towards Maddie, what is he hiding?

An awesome story!

When Maddie met Nora, their friendship felt as easy as breathing. And when Nora disappeared, all the air went with her. Without her best friend, Maddie’s life became impossible.

Ten years later, Nora is still missing and Maddie is still searching. People have been questioned. People have even been accused. But no one has managed to find Nora.

Then, in the same spot where Nora went missing, the murdered body of Nora’s little sister is found. Convinced this is no coincidence, Maddie resolves to uncover the killer and find Nora – dead or alive. But will she be able to cope, when we learn what really happened to Nora…?

Due out in October!



The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Green takes a perfect marriage and all the secrets a couple keep from one another. A mysterious note kicks off the story: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  Max doesn’t think the note is a big deal but after someone they know dies in an accident, another note arrives: DID YOU GET AWAY WITH IT?


Who is the villain here?

I cant wait to read this new book which is described as ideal for those of us who enjoy the writing of B.A. Paris and Paula Hawkins.

Check it out:

Susannah, a young widow and single mother, has remarried well: to Max, a charismatic artist and popular speaker whose career took her and her fifteen-year-old son out of New York City and to a quiet Vermont university town. Strong-willed and attractive, Susannah expects that her life is perfectly in place again. Then one quiet morning she finds a note on her door: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Max dismisses the note as a prank. But days after a neighborhood couple comes to dinner, the husband mysteriously dies in a tragic accident while on a run with Max. Soon thereafter, a second note appears on their door: DID YOU GET AWAY WITH IT?

Both Susannah and Max are keeping secrets from the world and from each other —secrets that could destroy their family and everything they have built.

Due out in January 2019!



John Boyne wrote the AMAZING book, The Heart’s Invisible Furies which I loved, and now he’s back with A Ladder to the Sky. This didn’t have the emotional punch I got from The Heart’s Invisible Furies, but it’s really good. We are talking about one book being an A+ and the other being an A.

His writing is perfection, I love how the author describes things and there’s some subtle humor. The story focuses on Maurice Swift, a handsome young man who is determined- at any cost- to be a successful novelist. He will do absolutely anything to succeed. With the literary acclaim he receives with each of his novels comes a back story of those he stole from, stepped on, or killed, to get where he is. Yes killed. You won’t believe the lengths Maurice goes to in order to achieve his success.

If you look hard enough, you can find stories pretty much anywhere. They don’t even have to be your own. Or so would-be writer Maurice Swift decides very early on in his career. A chance encounter in a Berlin hotel with celebrated novelist Erich Ackermann gives him an opportunity to ingratiate himself with someone more powerful than him. For Erich is lonely, and he has a story to tell. Whether or not he should do so is another matter entirely.

Once Maurice has made his name, he sets off in pursuit of other people’s stories. He doesn’t care where he finds them – or to whom they belong – as long as they help him rise to the top. Stories will make him famous but they will also make him beg, borrow and steal. They may even make him do worse.

In Maurice, we see the manipulation and ambition of a true sociopath. Told in three parts by different narrators, this book will grab you and not let you go until the last page. What a tremendously gifted author is John Boyne who can write a book that made cry and turn around and write one that made me angry!

Scoot this up to the tippy top of your TO READ pile! It will be out in February 2019