What to Read Now and a Sneak Peek at 2021 Books


You Can Trust Me by Emma Rowley

Nicky is a ghostwriter and her latest job is writing a book with Instagram celebrity, Olivia Hayes. When Nicky arrives as Olivia’s vast estate, she realizes she didn’t book a hotel and is invited to stay with the Hayes family. What a great opportunity to really learn about Olivia and enhance the book with careful observations. But soon Nicky learns the grim history of the house, once upon a time it burned down and Olivia had it rebuilt. Sensing there is more to the story than Olivia is willing to share, Nicky delves in the history of the house and tries to figure out what Olivia is determined to keep secret, and why.


People will tell you anything. All you have to do is listen.

Nicky Wilson tells other people’s stories. A successful ghostwriter, she’s penned tell-alls by actors, athletes, television chefs—weaving interviews and anecdotes into memoirs of love, loss, and overcoming adversity. The celebrities get bestseller status, while Nicky pockets her paycheck and moves on.

Olivia Hayes, Nicky’s new client, is the Martha Stewart of influencers, a domestic goddess with a perfectly accessorized home in the English countryside, a handsome husband, and impeccable taste. Through thousands of artfully hash-tagged posts, Olivia shares endlessly, while somehow retaining an air of mystery that enthralls her followers.

Olivia agrees to let Nicky into her house for a week, though she’s frustratingly aloof at first, and seems resentful of Nicky’s presence. Yet little by little, Nicky breaks through the cracks in the glamorous façade. She notices Olivia’s strained relationship with her husband . . . her overcautious parenting of their toddler . . . the money worries the family can’t hide. And then there are deeper secrets—including a tragedy that may shine light not just on Olivia’s past, but on how far she’ll go to preserve the life she’s made.

Soon, Nicky will learn the truth about Olivia. But it may be much more than she wanted to know . . .

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I was so excited to get my book-loving hands on The Fortunate Ones by Ed Tarkington! His writing is amazing, truly a gifted author. From the first chapter, I was intrigued with the story of Charlie who develops a friendship with Arch.  There are complications; Charlie’s mother works for Arch’s family. The Creigh’s are super-wealthy and Charlie and his single mother are just getting by. Years later, Charlie develops feelings for Arch’s girlfriend.

As the boys get older, their issues and problems get deeper.  Both men are flawed, both are connected to each other by their shared past. There is hardship and heartbreak and family dysfunction galore!

Take a look:

When Charlie Boykin was young, he’d thought his life with his single mother was really just fine. But when his mother’s connections get Charlie into boarding school and give them access to the upper echelons of Nashville society, Charlie falls under the spell of all that a life among the wealthy can mean. Increasingly attached to another boy, Arch Creigh, Charlie learns how morality has little to do with life in Belle Meade. On into college and after, Charlie aids Arch in his pursuit of a Senate seat, only to be pulled into a growing web of deceit. The novel examines the questions: Why do the poor love the rich? Why do we envy and worship a class of people that so often exhibits the worst excesses and the lowest morals?

This novel comes out in 2021 but you can pre-order it now. Go here and Amazon elves will deliver it to your Kindle on January 5!

Right now you can read this incredible novel by Ed,  Only Love Can Break Your Heart: A Novel its really great! 



Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay is good, old-fashioned suspense that you will want to read in one sitting. I was engaged from beginning to end.

When film-making student Matt Pine learns that almost his entire family has died while on vacation in Mexico, his world comes crashing down. All he has left is his older brother Danny, serving time in prison for killing his girlfriend, a crime he may or may not have committed.

For years, the Pine family has been consumed with the fallout from Danny’s alleged crime. A documentary about the murder has put the family and their small town in the spotlight. Its been incredibly stressful and fighting Danny’s conviction has cost the family their entire savings.

Matt has to fly down to Mexico to deal with the paperwork and red tape of getting the bodies back home.  FBI agent Sarah comes on the scene, trying to figure out what happened and why? There are so many questions, conspiracies, and lies.

Check it out:

After a late night of partying, NYU student Matt Pine returns to his dorm room to devastating news: nearly his entire family—his mom, his dad, his little brother and sister—have been found dead from an apparent gas leak while vacationing in Mexico. The local police claim it was an accident, but the FBI and State Department seem far less certain—and they won’t tell Matt why.

The tragedy makes headlines everywhere because this isn’t the first time the Pine family has been thrust into the media spotlight. Matt’s older brother, Danny—currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his teenage girlfriend Charlotte—was the subject of a viral true crime documentary suggesting that Danny was wrongfully convicted. Though the country has rallied behind Danny, Matt holds a secret about his brother that he’s never told anyone: the night Charlotte was killed Matt saw something that makes him believe his brother is guilty of the crime.

When Matt returns to his small hometown to bury his parents and siblings, he’s faced with a hostile community that was villainized by the documentary, a frenzied media, and memories he’d hoped to leave behind forever. Now, as the deaths in Mexico appear increasingly suspicious and connected to Danny’s case, Matt must unearth the truth behind the crime that sent his brother to prison—putting his own life in peril—and forcing him to confront his every last fear.

I read so many books with similar plots so what I especially liked was a fresh story that I’d never seen before; I liked how things were tied up at the ends. I will be looking forward to the author’s next book!

This one will be published on March 2, 2021. You can pre-order here!



I love reading books like The Universe is Your Search Engine by Anita M. Scott!

I think almost everyone could use a boost in their thought patterns and directing more positive energy into our lives. You’ve probably heard of The Law of Attraction, but how do you do it exactly? In this book, Anita shows us how our thoughts and desires can be manifested.


In this groundbreaking book by Anita M. Scott—a leading expert in evolved thought consciousness and the Law of Attraction—you now have the ultimate owner’s manual for making every goal a reality. Anita succinctly explains the science of thought—specifically, how our thoughts interact with matter and energy, allowing us to manifest the life we want and deserve. Then, by demonstrating the fundamentals used to drive the Internet search engines and applying them to thought consciousness, Anita gives you the blueprint for uncovering, managing, and directing your thoughts—So that you can concisely transmit your true desires to the Universe, netting you quicker return of those desires.

The Universe Is Your Search Engine applies the scientific principles of quantum physics and metaphysics to intentional thinking so that you can best assess your goals and give clarity to the messages you broadcast. In return, you will reap rewards of that focused effort and achieve the personal evolution you so greatly desire.

This book helps you:
⁃Understand how to harness the Law of Attraction—energy, both within and around you—to create experiences that transform your reality.
⁃Understand thought consciousness so that you can cultivate your self-awareness and focus on your true desires.
⁃Recognize the mindful shifts needed to be made to attain the life you deserve.

•Know how to “Google” your dream life.
•Have anything you desire returned to you.

Instead of getting caught in the tidal wave of depressing thoughts and expecting negative outcomes, you will learn how to train yourself to attract the positive things you deserve! Read this book and start manifesting! Get your Kindle version here.



Whew. WHAT A BOOK! I loved it. And you will too. Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering was an amazing thriller/suspense.

Skye Starling is overjoyed when her boyfriend, Burke Michaels, proposes after a whirlwind courtship. Though Skye seems to have the world at her fingertips—she’s smart, beautiful, and from a well-off family—she’s also battled crippling OCD ever since her mother’s death when she was eleven, and her romantic relationships have suffered as a result.

But now Burke—handsome, older, and more emotionally mature than any man she’s met before—says he wants her. Forever. Except, Burke isn’t who he claims to be. And interspersed letters to his therapist reveal the truth: he’s happily married, and using Skye for his own, deceptive ends.

In a third perspective, set thirty years earlier, a scrappy seventeen-year-old named Heather is determined to end things with Burke, a local bad boy. Inspired by the sophisticated mother of her babysitting charges, Heather vows to leave her impoverished hometown behind and make a better life for herself in New York City. But can her adolescent love stay firmly in her past—or will he find his way into her future?

On a collision course she doesn’t see coming, Skye throws herself into wedding planning, as Burke’s scheme grows ever more twisted. Meanwhile, three decades in the past, Heather’s longed-for transformation finally seems within reach. But of course, even the best laid plans can go astray. And just when you think you know where this story is going, you’ll discover that there’s more than one way to spin the truth.

The bad news is that this won’t be out until 2021. The good news is that you can pre-order right now!



Anxious People by Fredrik Backman is an entertaining book with a great title! Who can’t relate? The author has a beautiful writing style that I so admire.

And the plot of this is nothing I would, in a million years, be able to come up with myself. I love the distinct personalities and everything that makes each person unique.

Looking at real estate isn’t usually a life-or-death situation, but an apartment open house becomes just that when a failed bank robber bursts in and takes a group of strangers hostage. The captives include a recently retired couple who relentlessly hunt down fixer-uppers to avoid the painful truth that they can’t fix their own marriage. There’s a wealthy bank director who has been too busy to care about anyone else and a young couple about to have their first child but can’t seem to agree on anything, from where they want to live to how they met.

Add to the mix an eighty-seven-year-old woman who has lived long enough not to be afraid of someone waving a gun in her face, a flustered but still-ready-to-make-a-deal real estate agent, and a mystery man who has locked himself in the apartment’s only bathroom, and you’ve got the worst group of hostages in the world.

Each of them carries a lifetime of grievances, hurts, secrets, and passions ready to boil over. None of them is entirely who they appear to be. And all of them—the bank robber included—desperately crave rescue. As the authorities and the media surround the premises, these reluctant allies will reveal surprising truths about themselves and set in motion, a chain of events so unexpected that even they can hardly explain what happens next.

This book will touch your heart on a deep level with all the feelings and emotions of the characters. Carve out an afternoon to sit and enjoy it.

Coming out very soon! On September 8 it will be available, pre-order here.



Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell by Bradley J. Edwards was a fantastic book, available for free on Kindle Unlimited. I was interested in reading about this case and it shares a lot of details you may or may not know.

Here’s the basic premise:

In June 2008, Florida-based victims’ rights attorney Bradley J. Edwards was thirty-two years old and had just started his own law firm when a young woman named Courtney Wild came to see him. She told a shocking story of having been sexually coerced at the age of fourteen by a wealthy man in Palm Beach named Jeffrey Epstein. Edwards, who had never heard of Epstein, had no idea that this moment would change the course of his life.

Over the next ten years, Edwards devoted himself to bringing Epstein to justice, and came close to losing everything in the process. Edwards tracked down and represented more than twenty of Epstein’s victims, shined a light on his shadowy network of accomplices, including Ghislaine Maxwell, and uncovered the scope of his sexually exploitative organization, which reached into the highest levels of American society.

Edwards gives his riveting, blow-by-blow account of battling Epstein on behalf of his clients, and provides stunning details never shared before. He explains how he followed Epstein’s criminal enterprise from Florida, to New York, to Europe, to a Caribbean island, and, in the process, became the one person Epstein most feared could take him down. Epstein and his cadre of high-priced lawyers were able to manipulate the FBI and the Justice Department, but despite making threats and attempting schemes straight out of a spy movie, Epstein couldn’t stop Edwards, his small team of committed lawyers, and, most of all, the victims, who were dead-set on seeing their abuser finally put behind bars.

You can read this now by going here!




If I Disappear by Eliza Jane Brazier won’t be out until 2021, but you can learn all about it and pre-order it right now.

Sera listens to a true-crime podcast run by a young woman named Rachel. Rachel’s voice and stories comfort the lonely Sera, and when Rachel disappears, Sera is convinced she’s the one meant to figure out what happened. So she sets off for the place Rachel was last seen, her family’s ranch. There she is hired by Rachel’s mother to feed the horses and do general cleaning around the place. Right away Sera gets weird vibes. Everyone she encounters has a strange reaction to her, especially when she asks questions about Rachel.

Rachel’s parents are strange people and they want Sera to stay on the land and not leave because its “not safe” and no matter what Sera does, Rachel’s mother Addy seems to know. She warns Sera about going too far and when questioned about her daughter, Addy says a gang killed her.

But Sera knows that Addy isn’t telling the truth. And despite the chilly reception from the town people, the bizarre behavior of the parents, Sera refuses to give up in her search for Rachel. I would have packed up and left right away, but Sera is determined to find Rachel. And that’s what might put an end to her own life.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Sera loves true crime podcasts. They make her feel empowered in a world where women just like her disappear daily. She’s sure they are preparing her for something. So when Rachel, her favorite podcast host, goes missing, Sera knows it’s time to act. Rachel has always taught her to trust her instincts.

Sera follows the clues hidden in the episodes to an isolated ranch outside Rachel’s small hometown to begin her search. She’s convinced her investigation will make Rachel so proud. But the more Sera digs into this unfamiliar world, the more off things felt. Because Rachel is not the first woman to vanish from the ranch, and she won’t be the last…

This atmospheric novel makes you feel you are on the ranch, lonely and desperate. Creepy people, a ranch in the middle of nowhere. No wi-fi or connection to civilization lends itself to creating a strange and sinister backdrop for this story. I would have left on day one!

Coming out on January 26, 2021! Pre-order now.


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I read Part of the Family by Charlotte Philby in one sitting! It was a twisty book that had a fantastic premise.  I want to tell you all about it but its best that you go into it knowing nothing but the most basic details.

When the book begins, Anna is packing to leave and as she kisses her twin daughters goodbye, she isn’t sure she will see them again.

She is married to David but loves Harry, who has asked Anna to do something risky and she has agreed. This joint venture occurs over a couple of years.

The story jumps around a bit and flashes back to when Anna first met David. She and David and their friend Meg used to hang out a lot in college. And then Harry entered the picture and Anna fell under his spell. Without an explanation, Meg suddenly leaves and Anna is confused about her departure but is busy with her own life.

Anna gets pregnant by David and has twin girls. David invites his childhood friend Maria to help since Anna has horrible post-partum depression, he is trying to convince her that she is going crazy.

Maria knows about David’s troubled childhood and the tragic death by suicide of his mother. Did I mention that David comes from a super-duper wealthy family? Anna learns that the family business may be involved in some nefarious things. There are secrets in the family and sketchy characters surrounding them.

Anna is hoping for her true love, Harry, to come back into her life. But when he does, it’s not quite what she expected.

The official plot summary is:

David is the heir to global company Trades mart, run by his philanthropic father Clive Witherall. Meg is an ambitious intern at a national newspaper, determined to break into the media world.  Anna is hiding a dark secret, desperately clinging onto her new identity. When the three friends meet Harry, everything changes…
As Anna finds herself drawn into the dark and highly controlled world of espionage, it forces her to question everything she thought she knew about the people who have recruited her – and about herself.

The story moves between London, the Maldives, and the Greek islands, and is told from the dual perspectives of Anna and Maria. The second half of the book moved quickly, and I was eager to see what would happen. Things were twisting and turning, and I didn’t expect the ending!

You can read this book right now for only $3.99 on Kindle.


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