What I’m Reading Now

I stayed up way late last night, past my bedtime to finish Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey. I liked this book and it definitely kept me turning the pages. BUT…

First, read the plot:

Sarah is struggling with a breakup. She and her boyfriend Ethan have called it quits and she’s dealing with that heartbreak. A successful entrepreneur, she’s busy with work but carries around the pain of being abandoned by her mother as a child. When she sees a little girl at the airport being mistreated by her mother, and later sees the girl again, something comes over her and she takes the girl Emma. Sarah is both making up for the emotions of being left by her mother and is also saving the child who is clearly abused.

The story goes from Sarah’s point of view and Amy, the mother of Emma.

Is it wrong to save a child who is not being treated well? Should Sarah have taken Emma?

…the author did a great job of keeping the reader thoroughly engaged and wondering what was going to happen. I struggled (this is the BUT…from above) with Sarah stealing Emma. She knew it was wrong, but she did it anyway. Would a person take a child and go on the run with them even though they knew if they were caught, they’d be thrown in jail? Though I felt for Sarah, I kept thinking of taking someone’s child is just WRONG.

That being said, it was a good story and worth your time to read. It begs the question, what would YOU do?



Another book that will keep me up tonight! The House in the Hills by Rowan Hanlon. I am devouring thrillers this year. I read a list of scary books recently and I think I have read them all over this past year or so. I’m sorely missing Ann Rule’s true crime books, if you haven’t read her stuff, go and get your hands on them NOW. The quote that truth is stranger than fiction is certainly true.

Let’s look at this scary book! Here’s what you need to know before starting:


A young couple is surprised to find out their ultra cool mid-century modern Hollywood Hills dream house has a past steeped in blood and debauchery. But when the house starts exhibiting paranormal activity, they realize they’ve truly gotten more than they bargained for.

The House in the Hills is a novel about how the house of your dreams can sometimes turn into a nightmare.

The House Always Wins…

I love mid-century modern, I’ve been to the Hollywood Hills, I enjoy looking at homes and paranormal activity scares me. This is basically a recipe for a thrilling story!



I read this one a few days ago, Her Final Hour by Carla Kovach. It held my interest from beginning to end and was creepy enough to give me chills as the story wrapped up.

It begins right away with the brutal killing of a young wife and mother named Melissa. Why was she killed? Who did it, was it her lover? Her husband? Something is weird with the husband, is he forthcoming? What about his friends? And when another woman is killed, Detective Gina Harte knows there is more to the story. Soon her own life is threatened, who is watching her? Who tries to murder her in the midst of the investigation?

The official synopsis:

Melissa Sanderson is the perfect wife and mother. She dotes on her daughter, and lives in her dream home in a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs.  But looks can be deceiving. 

Something is amiss in that house – all the neighbours think so. Some say Melissa is having an affair. Others say she’s been drinking too much.  Then one night, sirens wake up the whole neighbourhood.  Melissa Sanderson is dead.


Her Final Hour is told from a few different points of view and the story flows smoothly keeping the reader interested from beginning to end. I enjoyed it! Due out in August.


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