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Here’s the plot:

What happens when two rich teenage girls from Bel-Air attempt to cover up their classmate’s death against the backdrop of a reality show?

As music pulses and people dance, Lily and Gemma witness a horrific tragedy. Scared of tarnishing their reputations and heading to jail, they concoct an elaborate ruse insisting that their friend Taylor is alive and not, in fact, buried in a Persian rug under a newly paved tennis court.

When television producer Freddy Levin arrives in town to film a new reality show based on the students of Bel-Air High, the show brings out the worst in everyone. The popular kid’s jockey for air time and celebrity status even as the search for Taylor goes on. But when Gemma and Lily’s friend Penny changes overnight from a cute fashionista into a fame-hungry villain, the girls begin to think that maybe Penny has a secret that she’ll go to great lengths to cover up too.

Who really killed Taylor and who will be the next victim?