Psychological Thrillers Coming Soon




I just finished The Perfect Friend and read it in record time! I was so anxious to see what was going to happen next and though I was slightly confused, I have to say this was a quick and intriguing read. The troubling backstory of the main character, Alex, adds to the suspense. Alex is recovering from anorexia and her husband and children have left her. She’s all alone except for one friend who she has taken an interest in, Carrie.

She sees Carrie as almost a daughter figure and wants to nurture and help her at any cost.  Alex believes she needs to protect her friend from a series of cryptic messages that threaten Carrie who is dealing with a grim cancer diagnosis. All Alex wants is to be there for her best friend!

The reader knows right away they are dealing with someone who has some deep issues. There’s nothing like an unreliable narrator.

She’ll do anything for you…My name is Alex, and my world has been shattered.  My husband has left me. My children won’t speak to me.
My friend Carrie is the only person I have. She’s the only one I can trust to keep all my secrets. She’d never do anything to let me down.
Would she?

Author Barbara Copperthwaite had me guessing during each chapter. I thought the book was going to go in one direction but it took a turn and I was surprised!  If you enjoy psychological thrillers, pre-order this one immediately!  Due out July 5.


I remember really liking the book, Its Always The Husband so when I saw Michele Campbell wrote a new book, I knew I had to read it. She Was The Quiet one takes place at a New England boarding school,  a picture perfect old fashion school complete with a lush campus and green ivy growing up the sides of centuries-old buildings. Rose and Bel, twin sisters, begin attending the school when their mother passes away. Rose is the more cautious sister and Bel is the wild one. Right away Bel starts hanging with the wrong crowd.

The story also focuses on Sarah and Heath Donovan, a married couple who are in charge of the dorm where the girls are living. Heath is gorgeous and flirty with the girls, you can tell right away that this is a recipe for disaster.  I’m not finished with this book but I can tell you that its gripping, dark, and unfolding like a movie!


For Rose Enright, enrolling in a prestigious New England boarding school is the opportunity of a lifetime. But for Rose’s vulnerable twin sister Bel, Odell Academy is a place of temptation and danger. When Bel falls in with a crowd of wild rich kids who pressure her into hazing Rose, the sisters’ relationship is shattered. Rose turns to her dorm mother, Sarah Donovan, for advice. But Bel turns to Sarah’s husband Heath, a charismatic and ambitious teacher. Is Heath trying to help Bel or take advantage of her? In a world of privilege, seduction, and manipulation, only one sister will live to tell the truth.

In a novel full of twists, turns, and dark secrets, Michele Campbell once again proves her skill at crafting intricately spun and completely compelling plots.

Due out July 31.




Another book about sisters! This looks perfectly creepy and a little scary too. Little Sister by Isabel Ashdown features lies, secrets, and twists. What better combination for a thriller? This one is on my To-Read list and I can’t wait to get started.

It was just that way when Jess and her older sister, Emily, were children. Born barely a year apart, they were deeply entwined, complementing each other in their differences. When Jess felt awkward and shy, Emily, the consummate big sister, was happy to take the lead.

After a long estrangement, they’ve become close again. Jess moves into the comfortable Isle of Wight home Emily shares with her husband, step-daughter, and toddler. Any misgivings about the past are swept away and forgotten.

And then, on New Year’s Eve, little Daisy disappears while in Jess’s care.

Jess is in shock, unable to remember what happened. Emily, traumatized, watches helplessly as her life unravels. But as the search intensifies and the police detective’s questions grow more pointed, a different picture emerges. Behind the image of a seemingly happy family—Daisy’s doting teenage sister, Chloe, loving father and husband, James, and siblings Emily and Jess—there are devastating deceptions and long-ago choices that can never be unmade. And underlying everything is the story of what really happened to drive Emily and Jess apart years ago.


This story is getting rave reviews and I am so anxious to read it! Due out on June 26th, you can read it very soon!