Page Turners!

Because I absolutely loved Margot Hunt’s novel Best Friends Forever, I was super anxious to get my hands on For Better And Worse. I love nothing more than a great page turner that makes me stay up past my bedtime and I had a feeling this book would cause a few late nights!

That being said, I was a little nervous when the plot began to heat up and I learned that the son of the main characters had been sexually abused by the school principal. Eeek! This is not a light topic. Thankfully the story is more about how each of the parents handled this and how they spiraled into a murderous plan. What would you do if someone molested your child? You’d probably want revenge, but how far would you go?

Here are the details:

When they fell in love back in law school, Natalie and Will Clarke joked that they were so brilliant, together they could plan the perfect murder. After fifteen rocky years of marriage, they had better hope they’re right.

Their young son Jacob’s principal is accused of molesting a troubled student. It’s a horrifying situation—and the poison spreads rapidly. One night before bed, Jacob tells Natalie he is a victim, too. In that moment, her concept of justice changes forever. Natalie decides the predator must die.

To shelter Jacob from the trauma of a trial, Natalie concocts an elaborate murder plot and Will becomes her unwilling partner. The Clarkes are about to find out what happens when your life partner becomes your accomplice—and your alibi.


Margot Hunt (Margot Hunt is a pseudonym for the author) crafts a well-paced story that kept me engaged from beginning to end.



I started to read Tear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison yesterday. I picked up and put down at least three books before I settled in with this one. You know how sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a certain writing style or topic or you don’t have the patience for the story to pick up? That was me last night.  For whatever reason, each book had something about it that didn’t resonate. But from the very beginning pages, I was hooked on this one!

I’m not too far into it but what I read has captured my interest. I will be diving back into this one tonight!

Here’s the plot:

Competitive skier Mindy Wright is a superstar in the making until a spectacular downhill crash threatens not just her racing career but her life. During surgery, doctors discover she’s suffering from a severe form of leukemia, and a stem cell transplant is her only hope. But when her parents are tested, a frightening truth emerges. Mindy is not their daughter.

Who knows the answers?

The race to save Mindy’s life means unraveling years of lies. Was she accidentally switched at birth or is there something more sinister at play? The search for the truth will tear a family apart…and someone is going to deadly extremes to protect the family’s deepest secrets.

With vivid movement through time, Tear Me Apart examines the impact layer after layer of lies and betrayal has on two families, the secrets they guard, and the desperate fight to hide the darkness within.


People often ask what I watch on TV and aside from a few shows, I really don’t watch much. You know what I do? I READ EVERY NIGHT!




If a book is described as a “psychological thriller with a shocking twist” you bet I’m going to look twice! The Affair by Sheryl Browne is up next on my reading list.


Here’s what you need to know:

Alicia’s been telling lies. And now they’ve come back to haunt her.  When an old colleague turns up at a party, Alicia comes face to face with the man who has the potential to ruin her perfect family life. He wouldn’t, would he?

In order to keep her secrets, Alicia has to tell yet more lies and when a devastating car accident makes the situation even more dangerous, it’s only a matter of time before everything falls apart. Can secrets really stay hidden forever?

Lies upon lies? That sounds like my novel, I Am Haven Blackmoore (I posted a few chapters recently on this blog). I especially like when the author is British and the story takes place in England, there’s just something about the way British authors write that I love.

This book is getting great reviews and I can’t wait to clear my schedule and spend the weekend reading!