Once You Start, You Can’t Stop Reading These Books

I have been reading nonstop lately. Typically I read a LOT and mostly at night. My routine is dinner, 2-3 mile walk plus yoga or light weights, shower and then a snuggle with the dogs while I settle in for hours of reading, often staying up past my bedtime.

These books are the ones that will make you read during the day and night. A good author knows how to keep a reader hooked! There have been times when I am so into a story that I read while something is baking in the oven, while I am sauteeing vegetables on the stove,  while I’m eating lunch.

Occasionally I will see a statistic like this:

 over one in four Americans surveyed in a new poll said that they didn’t read a single book within the last 12 months

And I can’t believe it. According to an older Huffington Post piece:

28 Percent Of Americans Have Not Read A Book In The Past Year


Friends, surely you like to read if you have found yourself on this page but what about your friends and family? Please share this site and encourage your nonreading friends to pick up a good book! Any one of these will work…



A great novel that moves quickly and is easy to read thanks to a fast-moving plot! I read Somebody’s Daughter By David Bell within a single day. This is the first book I’ve ever read by David Bell but surely not the last.

A young girl is missing and her mother arrives at her ex-husband’s doorstep looking for his help. The only problem is, he never knew this girl existed…


When Michael Frazier’s ex-wife, Erica, shows up on his doorstep pleading for help, she drops a bombshell that threatens to rip his family apart: Erica’s nine-year-old daughter is missing–and Michael is the father. Unable to quickly determine if Erica is telling the truth, and unwilling to leave the little girl’s fate to chance, Michael has no choice but to follow the elusive trail of the child he has always wanted and never knew he had.

But finding Felicity comes at a price–the closer Michael gets to the truth, the further into jeopardy his marriage falls and the faster his family begins to unravel. As lies that span a decade bubble to the surface and the window for Felicity’s safe return closes, Michael will have just a few short days to decide who can be trusted and who is hiding the truth.


SO GOOD. Hard to put down, I had a suspicion of who took the girl and I was RIGHT!




I was immediately intrigued by the plot of The Winters by Lisa Gabriele. I am partial to books that are set on the east coast since that’s where I grew up.  This book sounds bone-chilling and a little dark and scary, in other words, perfect! If there was a gray, rainy day in my future, I’d clear my calendar and do nothing but read this book curled up on the couch.


After a whirlwind romance, a young woman returns to the opulent, secluded Long Island mansion of her new fiancé Max Winter–a wealthy senator and recent widower–and a life of luxury she’s never known. But all is not as it appears at the Asherley estate. The house is steeped in the memory of Max’s beautiful first wife, Rebecca, who haunts the young woman’s imagination and feeds her uncertainties, while his very alive teenage daughter Dani makes her life a living hell. She soon realizes there is no clear place for her in this twisted little family: Max and Dani circle each other like cats, a dynamic that both repels and fascinates her, and he harbors political ambitions with which he will allow no woman–alive or dead–to interfere.

As the soon-to-be second Mrs. Winter grows more in love with Max, and more afraid of Dani, she is drawn deeper into the family’s dark secrets–the kind of secrets that could kill her, too. The Winters is a riveting story about what happens when a family’s ghosts resurface and threaten to upend everything.


Can’t wait to read it!


WOW, from page one I was into Our Little Secret by Roz Nay! I am so eager to get back into this story. I always love an unreliable narrator and a murder mystery! This one is chock full of suspense.


A police interview room is the last place Angela expected to find herself today. It’s been hours, and they keep asking her the same inane questions over and over. “How do you know the victim?” “What’s your relationship with Mr. Parker?” Her ex’s wife has gone missing, and anyone who was close to the couple is a suspect. Angela is tired of the bottomless questions and tired of the cold room that stays the same while a rotating litany of interrogators changes shifts around her. But when criminologist Novak takes over, she can tell he’s not like the others. He’s ready to listen, and she knows he’ll understand. When she tells him that her story begins a decade before, long before Saskia was in the picture, he gives her the floor.

A twenty-something young professional, Angela claims to have no involvement. How could she? It’s been years since she and H.P., Mr. Parker that is, were together. As her story unfolds, it deepens and darkens. There’s a lot to unpack… betrayal, jealousy, and a group of people who all have motives for retribution. If Angela is telling the truth, then who’s lying?


I’ve been getting things done today but keep thinking about how all I want to do is sit and read this book and see what happens next!



The domestic suspense genre continues with this book, Tell Me You’re Mine by Elisabeth Noreback. I am looking forward to another thrilling story, something to keep me up late at night. This was translated from Swedish and is the author’s debut. I love reading books from other countries.

Three women: one who believes she has found her long lost daughter, one terrified she’s about to lose her child, and one determined to understand who she truly is.

Stella Widstrand is a psychotherapist, a happily married mother to a thirteen-year-old son. But when a young woman named Isabelle steps into her clinic to begin therapy, Stella’s placid life begins to crumble. She is convinced that Isabelle is her daughter, Alice. The baby that tragically disappeared more than twenty years ago on a beach during a family vacation. Alice is believed to have drowned, but her body was never found. Stella has always believed that Alice is alive, somewhere–but everyone around her worries she’s delusional. Could this be Alice? 

Stella will risk everything to answer that question, but in doing so she will set in motion a sequence of events beyond her control, endangering herself and everyone she loves.




The Lies We Told by Camilla Way is receiving awesome reviews. I know I’m going to love a book when it consistently earns four and five-star reviews.  “Explosive thriller” and “twisted” are how this one is being described. A thriller should be explosive and twisted, don’t you think? For some reason, I am also drawn to British writers much of the time. I like a book set in England,


When Clara’s boyfriend, Luke, disappears, everyone believes that he’s left her, but Clara thinks she knows the truth. Recent evidence suggests that Luke had a stalker, and Clara worries that he’s been kidnapped. Then Luke’s older sister, Emma, who vanished twenty years ago, suddenly reappears.

Emma wants to help Clara with her search for Luke, but she refuses to talk about what happened–even though it nearly destroyed her family when she vanished. And the deeper Clara digs into Luke’s mysterious disappearance, the more convinced she is that the two incidents are connected.

Have you read this one yet?



Another book that I could not put down! I read this one as much as I could, whenever time permitted. Last Seen Alive by Claire Douglas was riveting! I didn’t know this author has a few other books available so now I’m going to have to read them all!

I just read The House Swap and thought it was coincidental that Last Seen Alive features a house swap, though they are completely different books.

Libby Hall never really wanted to be noticed. But after she saves the children in her care from a fire, she finds herself headline news. And horrified by the attention. It all reminds her of what happened nine years ago. The last time she saw her best friend alive.

Which is why the house swap is such a godsend. Libby and her husband Jamie exchange their flat in Bath for a beautiful, secluded house in Cornwall. It’s a chance to heal their marriage – to stop its secrets tearing them apart.

But this stylish Cornish home isn’t the getaway they’d hoped for. They make odd, even disturbing, discoveries in the house. It’s so isolated-yet Libby doesn’t feel entirely alone. As if she’s being watched.

Is Libby being paranoid? What is her husband hiding? And. As the secrets and lies come tumbling out, is the past about to catch up with them?

This was good from beginning to end and there is a twist I really liked. The way this ends sets up a possible sequel! I hope the author continues the story.



I feel like I’ve written about this book before but I can’t find it! Here we go, possibly again. Guess Who by Chris McGeorge. What appealed to me about this one is the backstory of the character who is not a typical detective.  It reminds me of the YA novel, One of Us Is Lying where the guilty person is one out of a small group, but who?

At eleven years old, Morgan Sheppard solved the murder of a teacher when everyone else believed it to be a suicide. The publicity surrounding the case laid the foundation for his reputation as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. He parlayed that fame into a gig as TV’s “resident detective,” solving the more typical tawdry daytime talk show mysteries like “Who is the father?” and “Is he cheating?”

Until, that is, Sheppard wakes up handcuffed to a bed in an unfamiliar hotel room. Around him, five strangers are slowly waking up, as well. Soon they discover a corpse in the bathtub and Sheppard is challenged to put his deductive skills to the test. One of the people in the room is the killer. He has three hours to solve the murder. If he doesn’t find the killer, they all will die.

I love the premise! This one is getting really good reviews. When people use the words “brilliant” and “thrilling” and “entertaining” my expectations are really high!



I cannot say too much about Before She Knew Him By Peter Swanson because the book doesn’t come out until 2019!  I DID get a sneak peek and its one you need to either pre-order or add to your Goodreads list right this minute. This author is one of my very favorites. He can craft a book and maintain suspense like no other, he’s really one of my top ten authors and I will read anything he writes. This was another book I read in record time.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Kind Worth Killing, it’s my favorite book that he’s written and it is available right now.