New January Releases You Can’t Miss!


The Perfect Affair by Angela Henry is a suspense that centers around a cheating, lying husband and the secrets surrounding his affair with a colleague.

Here is what you need to know about it:

When Paige Nichols meets her husband’s glamorous new colleague at a faculty mixer, she instantly knows they’re having an affair. It’s the way he looks at her, like she’s the only woman in the world. Aaron used to look at her like that, too. And with her beautiful, knowing smile, Cara Morton seems to enjoy flaunting their romance right under her nose.

Paige believes Aaron when he says he’ll break things off. What else can she do when she’s determined to hold her family together? But then Cara makes a shocking accusation about Aaron that threatens to end his career as a college professor and shatter their barely patched up marriage. Paige stands by her husband, but doubts creep in. Is Cara telling the truth? Or is this all part of her dangerous game?

Then Cara Morton disappears without a trace.

Paige knows her husband can keep secrets. She’s keeping dark secrets of her own. But is he a killer? The police seem to think so. But they don’t know Cara. They don’t know about her past. They don’t know what she’s capable of…

The story kept my interest for the most part, I was turning the pages, curious to see how everything would play out. I always enjoy an academic setting and untrustworthy characters. This is out now!


Keep Your Friends Close by Joanne Ryan was an okay read for me.

I loved the idea of the story- Carrie has taken care of murder while never telling her best friend Mia what she did with the body. Now Mia feels like she’s going crazy, seeing her dead ex-boyfriend everywhere. Is she hallucinating? Surely as Carrie is her best friend, she’d be honest with her if there was a problem.

There are some twists and turns to the story, but I figured it out early on and for some reason, I didn’t connect with the book or any of the characters. I blame myself and my mood for not loving this one because others feel very differently.

Here’s the plot:

He knows your darkest secret… Can she keep it?

It’s a normal sunny day when Mia sees her ex-boyfriend on the street where she lives. But she knows that’s crazy. She knows it can’t possibly be him. She knows… because she killed him.

Mia and Carrie have been best friends since school. They share everything: clothes, shoes, a home… and their secrets.

Only Carrie knew what Mia did that night. Where everything went wrong and Mia’s boyfriend attacked her, so she attacked him right back.

Carrie made the problem go away. Like she always would for her best friend. They’ve got on with their lives. Mia’s even met someone new – a man she thinks she could be with forever.

But now it looks like her ex is back. Alive and well. So either Mia is losing her mind, or somebody very close to her has been lying…

Out on the 25th!



The Cleaner by Brandi Wells took me a little while to get into. The main character does not have a name and she gives nicknames to the other characters in the book which frustrated me because I like to know the real names of people, not just nicknames. I think I had a bit of a hard time getting into the book because of this!

The unnamed clear combs through the office every evening, cleaning up after the employees. She knows everything about these people through her nighttime snooping. She discovers a secret and decides to take matters into her own hands.

The plot:

Every night, she cleans. On the fourth floor of an unnamed office in an unnamed city, the night cleaner comes and does what she does best—sorts out the messes of the daytime employees. None of them know her, but she knows everything about them: Sad Intern’s dreams to get promoted, Résumé Woman’s nasty flight-risk behavior, Mr. Buff’s secret smoking habit (not very conducive to his fitness journey).

She’s the office mastermind, the one everyone needs, and no one even knows she exists. And tonight, while scrolling through your emails, she’ll discover the secret you’ve been hiding—the one that will put everyone’s job at risk.

After all, protecting the employees is her responsibility: whether it’s from rats and window smudges or from the sinister CEO who may be driving the company into ruin. And you’re about to find out that, sometimes, your most powerful enemy is the one you don’t even see.

This one was definitely different and I don’t even know how I feel about it! Coming out on January 30.



I was so excited to read The Fury by Alex Michaelides but it turned out to be just a “meh” book for me, I think largely because of how the book is structured.

The narrator of the book, Elliot, is in love with Lana, his close friend and a popular actress. Lana invites Elliot plus her best friend Kate, husband Jason, and son Leo, to her private Greek island for a little getaway. It’s so gray and cold in London, wouldn’t they all benefit from some sun?

There is an ulterior motive, however…. and it will play out during their vacation in Greece. Of course, there is much more to the story and I don’t want to give it away. I would have enjoyed this more if it followed a linear plot, and Elliot wasn’t both the narrator and the best friend. It just didn’t grab me,  but don’t let that deter you because several of my reading  buddies absolutely loved it!

The plot:

Lana Farrar is a reclusive ex–movie star and one of the most famous women in the world. Every year, she invites her closest friends to escape the English weather and spend Easter on her idyllic private Greek island.

I tell you this because you may think you know this story. You probably read about it at the time ― it caused a real stir in the tabloids, if you remember. It had all the necessary ingredients for a press sensation: a celebrity; a private island cut off by the wind…and a murder.

We found ourselves trapped there overnight. Our old friendships concealed hatred and a desire for revenge. What followed was a game of cat and mouse ― a battle of wits, full of twists and turns, building to an unforgettable climax. The night ended in violence and death, as one of us was found murdered.

But who am I?

My name is Elliot Chase, and I’m going to tell you a story unlike any you’ve ever heard.

Out on January 16.



On A Quiet Street by Carla Kovach was a solid read although it was slow in parts. It kept my interest and I was invested in finding out the truth. What would you do if a young woman showed up on your doorstep claiming to be the biological daughter of your husband? First of all, I think I’d lose my mind and second, I’d probably faint or throw up.

There is a lot of lying and untruths packed into this book with a few twists. A good book for a rainy afternoon!

The plot:

I live on a quiet tree-lined street with my perfect husband Cain. But when 18-year-old Charlotte knocks on the front door, what she says has me questioning just how well I really know my husband.

‘I was adopted as a baby and I’m looking for my biological parents. I was told they live here.’

My heart races as I fear Cain has been keeping a huge secret from me. Does he have a child he never told me about? And has he been lying all these years?

I can’t trust anything Cain says. Desperate for answers, I agree to meet Charlotte in secret. But it’s Charlotte who is full of questions: about our lives, our relationship. It’s only when she lets slip the name of the road I used to live on, that I realize how much she knows about me, too…

Cold fear floods through my body. My husband may not have told the truth, but his lies are nothing compared to mine. If Charlotte knows my darkest secret, my whole life could fall apart. How far will I have to go to keep the truth hidden?

Out now!



The Girl in Seat 2A by Diana Wilkinson sparked my interest by the title alone. I love a story that starts on a plane with the promise of adventure, mistaken identity, lies, and running from something. I will probably almost always want to read a book with a seat number in the title.

After coming into some money, Jade decides to take herself on a luxury trip. She ends up meeting a handsome stranger who invites her to his villa. How can she resist? But as you can probably guess, he isn’t exactly who he claims to be but then again… Jade isn’t either.

The plot:

Funny how one lie can spiral…

One thing about me: I HATE flying. It’s my worst nightmare.

That’s why I book seat 2A every time I fly. Since my big win, I’ve been booking seats 2B and 2C as well. They’re my comfort seats, they cushion the claustrophobia, and at last I can afford them.

I am now determined to live the life of luxury. I deserve it, after all.

How to Live Like a Millionaire is the book I’m reading on this flight. When it lands on the floor, a handsome guy hands it back to me. I know he clocks the title, because he’s totally charming and talks to me as if I’m one of the Marbella Millionaire set.

When I land in sunny Spain, I’ll be acting like a millionairess, that’s for sure – even if it’s stretching the truth, just a bit. We all know that money talks, and I intend to talk my way into a better life.

Who knows… maybe this guy, the one who had the cheek to sit down in seat 2C, might be someone special. He has an air of danger, but who cares?

Out on January 19.



The Yacht by Sarah Goodwin is about a group of friends stranded at sea. A locked room-type book? Yes, please!

It’s New Year’s Eve and Hannah and her friends decide to rent a yacht for a huge celebration. But when they wake up the next morning, they realize that they are floating in the middle of the sea. There is no help around, no Wi-Fi signal, no food, no fuel and they can’t see land for miles. TERRIFYING.

It’s such a good read, you’re going to love it!

The plot:

WHEN THE TRUTH SURFACES… New Year’s Eve, 2023 . When Hannah and her friends rent a luxury yacht in an Italian marina, they party in style under the stars until they pass out. …WHO WILL SINK… The next morning, they are horrified to find they have been cut adrift into the open ocean, with no sight of land and no fuel in the engine. And that’s when the first person goes missing… …AND WHO WILL SWIM? The Yacht is a twisty locked-room thriller perfect for fans of The White Lotus , The Hunting Party and The Castaways .

Out now!


I love Donna Everhart’s books, she is an incredible author and you cannot go wrong with any of her novels. The latest is called When The Jessamine Grows and yes, I was reading this as quickly as possible, enjoying every second. I really like stories that take place during the Civil War and they are few and far between. This one takes place in the south with a strong main character named Joetta who stands strong in her convictions.

This was a fantastic book, highly recommended. You cannot go wrong with any of Donna’s books, I’ve read them all!

The plot:

Talk of impending war is a steady drumbeat throughout North Carolina, though Joetta McBride pays it little heed. She and her husband, Ennis, have built a modest but happy life for themselves, raising two sons, fifteen-year-old Henry, and eleven-year-old Robert, on their small subsistence farm. They do not support the Confederacy’s position on slavery, but Joetta considers her family to be neutral, believing this is simply not their fight.

Her opinion is not favored by many in their community, including Joetta’s own father-in-law, Rudean. A staunch Confederate supporter, he fills his grandsons’ heads with stories about the glory of battle and the Southern cause until one night Henry runs off to join the war. At Joetta’s frantic insistence, Ennis leaves to find their son and bring him home.

But soon weeks pass with no word from father or son and Joetta is battered by the strain of running a farm with so little help. As the country becomes further entangled in the ramifications of war, Joetta finds herself increasingly at odds with those around her – until one act of kindness brings her family to the edge of even greater disaster.

Though shunned and struggling to survive, Joetta remains committed to her principles, and to her belief that her family will survive. But the greatest tests are still to come – for a fractured nation, for Joetta, and for those she loves . . .

Out on January 23.




One of the Good Guys by Araminta Hall follows Cole, a man who thinks he’s one of the good guys. After splitting from his wife, he leaves London to start over in the country. He meets a woman named Lennie and the two become close. Of course we can trust him, can’t we?

But the two women disappear close to where Cole lives. He and his new friend find themselves involved. The story gets to the point where you cannot stop reading to see what is happening and who is it that you can trust?

The plot:

Newly separated from his wife and desperate to escape the ghosts of his failed marriage, Cole leaves London for a fresh start in the countryside. He accepts a job as a wildlife ranger and settles into his cozy seaside cottage, relishing the respite from the noise, drama, and relentless careerism that curdled his relationship along with his mental health. Then he meets Leonora, the reclusive artist living next door, and is instantly charmed by her warm and gentle spirit.

But as the two forge a connection on the cliff’s edge they call home, two young women activists raising awareness about gendered violence disappear while passing through. Cole and Leonora find themselves in the middle of a police investigation and the resulting media firestorm as the world learns of what happened, and as the tension escalates, they quickly realize that they don’t know each other that well after all.

Highly recommended and if you haven’t read the author’s other book, Our Kind of Cruelty- get it now!  This is out now.



I love nothing more than an excellent historical fiction book. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find books that appeal to me in this genre. So when something like Diva by Daisy Goodwin is published, I am only TOO EXCITED to read it. This one is s solid, well-written, and detailed.

I learned so much while reading it and it was the perfect break from the suspense and mystery books I typically read.

The plot:

In the glittering and ruthlessly competitive world of opera, Maria Callas was known simply as la divina: the divine one. With her glorious voice, and instinctive flair for the dramatic and striking beauty, she was the toast of the grandest opera houses in the world. But her fame was hard-won: raised in Nazi-occupied Greece by a mother who mercilessly exploited her golden voice, she learned early in life to protect herself from those who would use her for their ends.

When she met the fabulously rich Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, for the first time in her life, she believed she’d found someone who saw the woman within the legendary soprano. She fell desperately in love. He introduced her to a life of unbelievable luxury, showering her with jewels and sojourns in the most fashionable international watering holes with celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

And then suddenly, it was over. The international press announced that Aristotle Onassis would marry the most famous woman in the world, former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, leaving Maria to pick up the pieces.


Out on January 23.