Awesome Books to Read Before 2021 and 5 To Read In January


I am such a big fan of Charlotte Duckworth’s books. I loved Unfollow Me and The Rival so I was very, very excited to get my hands on a sneak peek of The Perfect Father. When Esther comes home from work one day, her husband and daughter are gone. As in gone for good. Where did they go and why? This is the premise for the story that unfolds. Is Robin really the perfect father or he is more like a perfect liar?

Take a look:

After a difficult pregnancy, Esther is grateful that her husband Robin offers to put his career on hold so she can return to the job she loves. But Esther finds leaving her daughter Riley behind more challenging than she’d thought. And soon the new imbalance in her relationship with Robin brings old tensions to the surface.

Then one day Esther arrives home from work to find Robin and Riley are missing. As the police investigate their disappearance, nothing about this modern-day family is what it seems…
Is Robin the perfect father everyone thinks he is? Or was it all a perfect lie?

This was a good book, a solid read that kept me interested from start to finish! I am already looking forward to what Charlotte writes next.

Coming on December 1! Get it here.


I’ve long been a fan of Jennifer Weiner’s books! My favorite is In Her Shoes, I just loved it and the characters were flawed and relatable and you really cheered for them to succeed.

Since then, I think I’ve read everything she’s written. You really cannot go wrong with any of her novels! Big Summer is Jennifer’s latest, and this too was a wonderful story that you are pulled into right away!

Check it out:

Six years after the fight that ended their friendship, Daphne Berg is shocked when Drue Cavanaugh walks back into her life, looking as lovely and successful as ever, with a massive favor to ask. Daphne hasn’t spoken one word to Drue in all this time—she doesn’t even hate-follow her ex-best friend on social media—so when Drue asks if she will be her maid-of-honor at the society wedding of the summer, Daphne is rightfully speechless.

Drue was always the one who had everything—except the ability to hold onto friends. Meanwhile, Daphne’s no longer the same self-effacing sidekick she was back in high school. She’s built a life that she loves, including a growing career as a plus-size Instagram influencer. Letting glamorous, seductive Drue back into her life is risky, but it comes with an invitation to spend a weekend in a waterfront Cape Cod mansion. When Drue begs and pleads and dangles the prospect of cute single guys, Daphne finds herself powerless as ever to resist her friend’s siren song.

On a perfect summer night, as generations of Cavanaughs descend on the family beach in Cape Cod, the cute guy materializes and a family feud erupts. With rumors swirling about everything from a failing business to infidelity, it’s clear why Drue wanted Daphne by her side. When Daphne wakes up the morning of the wedding to find that her crush has vanished and that something terrible has happened to her friend, it’s up to her to dig deep into Drue’s past, to unpeel the layers of illusion, and to find out the complicated truth about perfect Drue Cavanaugh.

Daphne is a terrific character, I loved her arc. And I appreciated how this story slowly turned into a mystery. Read it and see what I mean!

Grab this right now! Get it here.


The cover, the title, the story… it’s all amazing. White Ivy by Susie Yang is a book that you won’t be able to put down. I cannot believe this is a debut novel! I applaud Susie’s incredible talent!

Check it out:

Ivy Lin is a thief and a liar—but you’d never know it by looking at her.

Raised outside of Boston, Ivy’s immigrant grandmother relies on Ivy’s mild appearance for cover as she teaches her granddaughter how to pilfer items from yard sales and second-hand shops. Thieving allows Ivy to accumulate the trappings of a suburban teen—and, most importantly, to attract the attention of Gideon Speyer, the golden boy of a wealthy political family. But when Ivy’s mother discovers her trespasses, punishment is swift and Ivy is sent to China, and her dream instantly evaporates.

Years later, Ivy has grown into a poised yet restless young woman, haunted by her conflicting feelings about her upbringing and her family. Back in Boston, when Ivy bumps into Sylvia Speyer, Gideon’s sister, a reconnection with Gideon seems not only inevitable—it feels like fate.

Slowly, Ivy sinks her claws into Gideon and the entire Speyer clan by attending fancy dinners, and weekend getaways to the cape. But just as Ivy is about to have everything she’s ever wanted, a ghost from her past resurfaces, threatening the nearly perfect life she’s worked so hard to build.

Filled with surprising twists and a nuanced exploration of class and race, White Ivy is a glimpse into the dark side of a woman who yearns for success at any cost.

I can’t say I particularly liked Ivy, but I was curious about her story and experiences. The story is slow to unfold but definitely picks up the pace and the more I read, the more I got into it.

Don’t miss this one! Get it here on November 3.



Why do I always forget how much I love historical fiction? I read tons of suspense but I also read and love books that take place during other time periods like this one, A Frenzy of Sparks by Kristin Fields.

It’s 1965, and thirteen-year-old Gia, along with her older brother and cousins, are desperate to escape their sleepy, tree-lined neighborhood where nothing ever happens. The only thing Gia would miss is the surrounding marsh, where she feels at home among sea birds and salt water.

But when one of Gia’s cousins brings drugs into their neighborhood, it sets off a chain of events that quickly turn dangerous. Everyone will be caught in the ripples, and some may be swept away entirely. Gia is determined to keep herself and her family afloat while the world is turned upside down around her. Can she find a way to hold on to the life she was so eager to leave behind, or will she have to watch it all disappear beneath the marsh forever?

Out on November 3, you can order it here.


I powered through The Housewarming by S.E. Lynes quickly because I just had to know what was going to happen. Ava left her daughter in a stroller inside for a second. When she comes back, her daughter is gone. Where did she go? Did someone take her?

Ava struggles with the disappearance of her daughter and one year later finds her still upset, rightfully so. How can a mother move past such a nightmare? Upon attending a housewarming party for new neighbors, a comment is made that changes what happened on Ava’s worst day.

I can’t tell you any more than that because it will ruin the story but trust me, you will want to read this suspenseful story!


Ava only left her daughter in the pushchair for five minutes. The buckle was fastened, and she was sure it was safe. But when she came downstairs, the door was open and Abi was gone – she walked down the road, past the Lovegoods’ house, and was never seen again.

A year later, the Lovegoods throw a housewarming party, showing off the results of their renovation. Ava doesn’t want to go. She can’t bear to look down that end of the road, to see the place where Abi vanished, and she doesn’t want to spend time with people who don’t share her grief. Her husband Matt persuades her: he’s worried about her. A night out might do her good.

But as her friends and neighbours chat, and the drink and gossip flows, Ava learns something new about the day she has re-lived a thousand times. A throwaway comment which could change everything.

Ava thought she knew every last detail of that day.  She’s about to find out she was wrong…

You really can’t trust anyone! A fun, quick read! Get it right now here.



Have you read any books by Natalie Barelli? This is my second one (The Housekeeper was my first) and I feel confident in recommending her books to you! She is another author who writes stories that keep you reading way past your bedtime.

Here is the premise for Unfaithful:

When I arrive unannounced at my husband’s studio in need of a shoulder to cry on after hearing that my best student, Alex, has died, I see a pair of wineglasses drying by the sink and my deepest fear is confirmed: my husband is having an affair.

Most women would fall to their knees in tears and throw him out of the house—but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I go home and cook a healthy dinner for our children, walk the dog and unload the dishwasher without complaint. I will make him see that I’m still the woman he married; attractive, successful, the glue that holds our perfect family together. I need this marriage to work to protect a terrible secret of my own, something that would destroy everything I’ve already sacrificed so much for.

But when the police arrive at my door asking questions about Alex’s death that I can’t answer, and threatening text messages start appearing on my phone, I know that someone close has been watching me very carefully.

This is a smart, well written, high-octane suspense that will keep you glued to your seat as you power through this story! Perfect for those of you who love thrillers/suspense/mystery stories.

Order here and get it on November 27!





This will for sure be a best-seller! The Children’s Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin is based on the real-life events of a terrible blizzard sweeping through the prairie where people were caught unaware by the severity of the storm. It hit the Great Plains on January 12th, 1888, and the worst of it happened just as school was letting out for the day. Imagine walking into the most severe blizzard ever seen? It was referred to as the Schoolhouse Blizzard and killed over 200 people.


The Millbrook Times


I absolutely love books that teach me something I didn’t know and keep me entertained. The author did a really fantastic job of creating a fictional story with sympathetic characters including sisters Raina and Gerda, and Anette, a servant girl.

Here’s the premise:

The morning of January 12, 1888, was unusually mild, following a punishing cold spell. It was warm enough for the homesteaders of the Dakota territory to venture out again, and for their children to return to school without their heavy coats–leaving them unprepared when disaster struck. At just the hour when most prairie schools were letting out for the day, a terrifying, fast-moving blizzard blew in without warning. Schoolteachers as young as sixteen were suddenly faced with life and death decisions: keep the children inside, to risk freezing to death when fuel ran out, or send them home, praying they wouldn’t get lost in the storm?

Based on actual oral histories of survivors, this gripping novel follows the stories of Raina and Gerda Olsen, two sisters, both schoolteachers–one who becomes a hero of the storm, and one who finds herself ostracized in the aftermath. It’s also the story of Anette Pedersen, a servant girl whose miraculous survival serves as a turning point in her life and touches the heart of Gavin Woodson, a newspaperman seeking redemption. It was Woodson and others like him who wrote the embellished news stories that lured Northern European immigrants across the sea to settle a pitiless land. Boosters needed them to settle territories into states, and they didn’t care what lies they told these families to get them there–or whose land it originally was. At its heart, this is a story of courage, of children forced to grow up too soon, tied to the land because of their parents’ choices. It is a story of love taking root in the hard prairie ground, and of families being torn asunder by a ferocious storm that is little remembered today–because so many of its victims were immigrants to this country.

Not only do I urge you to read the book, but look up the blizzard of 1888 and read about it, check out the photos too. I cannot imagine being caught up in that.

Coming out on January 21, 2021! Pre-order here.


I am always in the mood for good suspense, and Lisa Gardner always knows how to spin a thrilling tale! Her newest novel is Before She Disappeared and it’s a must-read. If you have read her books before, you know that Lisa is an absolute genius, writing engaging stories that suck you in.

Frankie is a woman in the middle of her life, a loner with no friends or family. She spends her time looking for missing people, as a way of redeeming her own past perhaps. Her latest case takes her to a rough area of Boston where she is looking for a teen who has gone missing. But someone is throwing up roadblock and doesn’t want Frankie’s questions to be answered. Is Frankie herself in danger?


Take a look:

Frankie Elkin is an average middle-aged woman, a recovering alcoholic with more regrets than belongings. But she spends her life doing what no one else will–searching for missing people the world has stopped looking for. When the police have given up, when the public no longer remembers, when the media has never paid attention, Frankie starts looking.

A new case brings her to Mattapan, a Boston neighborhood with a rough reputation. She is searching for Angelique Badeau, a Haitian teenager who vanished from her high school months earlier. Resistance from the Boston PD and the victim’s wary family tells Frankie she’s on her own–and she soon learns she’s asking questions someone doesn’t want answered. But Frankie will stop at nothing to discover the truth, even if it means the next person to go missing could be her.

This will be published on January 19, 2021! Get it here.



I LOVE Patricia Falvey’s books! I have read every one of them and think they are excellent.  Her latest is The Titanic Sisters. The story centers around Irish sisters Nora and Delia, they couldn’t be more different. They get the chance to sail to America and work. Delia will be a housekeeper and Nora will look after a child. They set sail on the beautiful ship, the Titanic.  As you know, disaster strikes and as Delia gets on a life boat, she watches as her sister doesn’t make it. She assumes Nora has died. When she reaches land, she sees a bitter looking old woman holding a sign with her name. Immediately Delia knows she cannot go with her. So she pretends to be Nora and takes a job as a governess.

Naturally, there is a crinkle in this plan because Nora didn’t die.

I loved this story so much.


Sisters Nora and Delia have been given the chance of a lifetime–to escape their poor Irish farm and travel on the Titanic to a new life in America. Nora is to become a treasured governess for a rich family, while Delia has only a lowly maid’s position.

But when disaster strikes, and Nora dies, a small misunderstanding leads to Delia taking Nora’s place as governess. As Delia grows closer to her charge–and the girl’s father–will she be able to reveal the truth to find a chance at happiness? And what will happen when she finds out that Nora is actually alive, and coming to take what is rightfully hers?

You cannot go wrong with any of Patricia’s books, they are all really good historical fiction.

Coming out on January 26! Pre-order here.


Another enjoyable novel that I read quickly! The Betrayal by Terry Lynn Thomas was a great book centering around Olivia, a successful woman who is getting ready for retirement. She’s selling her law practice and looking forward to the next chapter in her life. However, when she receives a video of her husband with another woman, she realizes her perfect husband wasn’t so perfect. And when his mistress ends up dead, all signs point to Olivia as the murderer.

Another murder case comes to the surface that resembles the crime of the woman Olivia is accused of killing. Are the two cases linked? And what if anything, does Olivia have to do with them?


Attorney Olivia Sinclair is shocked when she receives an anonymous video showing her husband Richard sleeping with someone else. After years of handling other people’s divorces, she thought she could recognise a marriage in trouble.

She angrily throws Richard out of the home they share. But days later she’s arrested—for the murder of his mistress.

Olivia knows she’s innocent but, with all the evidence pointing at her and an obvious motive, she must find the real killer to clear her name.

She may be used to dealing with messy divorces, but this one will be her most difficult case yet. Olivia’s husband has already betrayed her—but would he set her up for murder?

Everything was plotted out well, keeping me interested in the story and guessing at what would happen next. If you are into crime fiction, mysteries or suspense, you will want to read The Betrayal.

This will be published on January 7, pre-order here.


So many of my book-loving, book blogging, book reviewing friends have read and loved The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins, and with good reason, it’s excellent! You will love the story of Jane, a dog walker in the upper-class neighborhood of Thornfield Estates. When she meets wealthy Eddie, she imagines their life together, filled with the things she cannot afford on her own. As they develop feelings for each other, something tugs at Jane. It’s the mystery surrounding the death of Eddie’s first wife. Yeah, that would be enough to scare me too.

Check out the plot:

Meet Jane. Newly arrived to Birmingham, Alabama, Jane is a broke dog-walker in Thornfield Estates––a gated community full of McMansions, shiny SUVs, and bored housewives. The kind of place where no one will notice if Jane lifts the discarded tchotchkes and jewelry off the side tables of her well-heeled clients. Where no one will think to ask if Jane is her real name.

But her luck changes when she meets Eddie Rochester. Recently widowed, Eddie is Thornfield Estates’ most mysterious resident. His wife, Bea, drowned in a boating accident with her best friend, their bodies lost to the deep. Jane can’t help but see an opportunity in Eddie––not only is he rich, brooding, and handsome, he could also offer her the kind of protection she’s always yearned for.

Yet as Jane and Eddie fall for each other, Jane is increasingly haunted by the legend of Bea, an ambitious beauty with a rags-to-riches origin story, who launched a wildly successful southern lifestyle brand. How can she, plain Jane, ever measure up? And can she win Eddie’s heart before her past––or his––catches up to her?

With delicious suspense, incisive wit, and a fresh, feminist sensibility, The Wife Upstairs flips the script on a timeless tale of forbidden romance, ill-advised attraction, and a wife who just won’t stay buried. In this vivid reimagining of one of literature’s most twisted love triangles, which Mrs. Rochester will get her happy ending?

This smart, dark, twisty story of evil is a nail biter for sure. You will absolutely devour this modern retelling of Jane Eyre (but set in Alabama).

This will be out on January 5! Pre-order here.