All New, All Books Instagram! Look Now

I have an Instagram which I have been posting to for a long time now, its just my name- Cindy Bokma. There I have been featuring lots of photos from my travels and day trips, with a weekly post about books. Since my account hasn’t been growing, I paid to have a social media expert look it over and tell me what I could improve.

Have you ever consulted with someone about this?



Long story short, she told me I needed to narrow my focus. She also mentioned featuring myself more in my pictures which to that I say, “NO THANKS!”

I love other people who can share lots of stuff and put themselves in front of the camera and be comfortable but that is not me. I would love to do a podcast…something with no camera in my face. I want the focus to be my photography. And on my new Instagram, the focus is 100% BOOKS.

You might know -I’ve mentioned it before, that since I was a child, I loved to read. It got to the point where I had read everything in the children’s library so, at a relatively young age, I began reading Danielle Steel books and finding novels in the adult area.

Now, many years later, I still love to read and I have talked about how when I’m not reading, I am writing books and when I’m not reading or writing, I am reading about books coming out soon.  I also pay attention to my favorite authors to see if they have written anything new.

2020 is going to be a fantastic year for books, so clear your calendar now. FYI.



So the point of all of this is that I have a new book blog which means I am starting from ground zero to build a following. ALL BOOKS. ALL THE TIME.

New books, amazing books, five star reads. Since I read primarily on my Kindle, I am not doing a traditional bookstagram with beautiful photos and artfully arranged coffee mugs and bunches of flowers, but doing my own thing, bear with me while I fine-tune the aesthetic.

You can follow me at I tried about twenty-five different names before I found one that wasn’t taken!

See you over there! And below I am posting a bunch of hashtags used in the book community so if you are starting to post books, you can easily cut and paste commonly used hashtags!



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