RUN DELIA RUN is out now!

I am so excited today. My new novel, Run Delia Run is out in the world!

This book was written in the early 2000’s, when my kids were small. I’d write here and there, mostly at night. I remember reading books on domestic abuse and trying to get Delia’s character just right. She’s a smart woman but had a tough road after her parents die and she’s sent to live with her aunt and cousin. She plots her future; she dreams of moving to Hollywood and becoming famous.

Once in California, she sees her plans fizzle out, it’s not so easy to become an actress. She finds a job at a dentist’s office where she meets a handsome older man named Leo. Delia likes that he wants to shower her with attention and love, she’s missed those things since her parents died. But as her relationship progresses, she sees a side of Leo she doesn’t like. But it’s too late to leave because she and Leo have a baby.

Fast forward years later when Delia’s son is old enough to see the abuse she suffers at the hands of Leo.  Gathering up all the strength she can muster, she takes her son and goes on the run, but can she ever escape the grip that Leo has over her?

Here’s the official synopsis:

All that glitters is not gold…

The moment  Delia  Keaton turned eighteen, she bought a one-way ticket out of her abusive aunt’s home and left for sunny California in pursuit of her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress. Unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself and  Delia  once again finds herself in an abusive relationship surrounded by fame and fortune.

What goes on when the camera goes off eventually becomes more than this young mother can take, and in one final move, she flees with her son to reclaim her life.

But will Leo allow  Delia  to create the new life she longs for? Or will he come back and stake claim to her and his son once and for all?


I hope you read it and love it! You can get it for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited, its only $3.99 if you don’t!


Here’s a sample of the book from CHAPTER ONE: